EQ3 Pro mount, Canon 600d astromodified, Canon 135mm f2.8 lens and 9x50mm finder-guider

EQ3 Pro mount, TS65 quadruplet Imaging refractor telescope with Pegasus cube autofocuser, ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera, 9x50mm finder-guider with QHY5 guide camera

EQ6 Pro Hypertuned Gen2 mount, AT106LE Apo triplet refractor with Moonlite focuser, High resolution Stepper motor and Rigel nStep autofocuser, QHY183M Mono Cmos camera, StarlightXpress 7x1.25" filterwheel with LRGB Ha, Sii, Oiii filters

ZWO ASI294MC Pro Camera

This is a colour CMOS camera that I use at the moment. It is a very capable camera and once you get used to it, it can produce great astrnomical photos.

This is my second camera, a QHY183M. The same as my ASI294MC Pro, the QHY183M is also a CMOS camera but it's a monochrome camera with a smaller sensor, and smaller pixels.

Because it's a monochrome camera, in order to get colour photos it must be used with special RGB and narrowband filters and then with the help of editing software, the photos shot with each of the filters are assigned to a colour in the RGB spectrum.

The filters that I'm using are the Baader LRGB and the baader Ha, Sii, Oiii for the narrowband images, and they are mounted in a filterwheel that is controlled by the software used to capture the photos.

Below you will see some photos of the combination that I'm using at the moment for the QHY183M camera and the AT106LE telescope

In this photo you can see the full combination. QHY183M, StarlightXpress 7x1.25" filterwheel, TS09 OAG off axis guider, QHY5L-II M guide camera, Baader 20-29 varilock extension, M48 to M42 adapter and the TSFlat2 field flattener.

This is the 7x1.25" filterwheel. As you can see the filters are mounted in a carousel. The capturing software is controlling the filterwheel, spinning the carousel to the position of the filter set by the user in the capturing software.

My big boy, The Astro-Tech AT106LE with upgraded Moonlite focuser and High resolution stepper motor

106mm aperture
690mm focal length
FPL-53 Triplet glass

The Big boy AT106LE together with the little scope, TS65Q with Pegasus Cube autofocuser

65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet Astrograph for Astro Photography - 65mm aperture / 420mm focal length / 44mm field diameter. Four element APO telescope with perfect field correction for astrophotography - 2-inch Rack and Pinion focuser - FPL53 glass

Widefield dual setup

Astromodified Canon 700d with Canon 50mm f1.8 lens and Spiderfire Reflex sight finder on the left, my old QHY10 OSC CCD camera connected to the Canon 135mm f2 lens with an Altair Astro CCD to EOS adapter in the center and a 9x50mm finder-guider with a QHY5 guidecamera on the right.

My 2 setups waiting for the sky to clear

Thank you!

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