As you probably figured it out, my name is Emil Andronic.
  I was born in 1979 in Vaslui, a small town in Romania and even though for most of my childhood the country was ruled by the communist party, when most people had a hard, tough life, I was a happy kid, having lots of fun and doing a lot of naughty things that I wasn't supposed to do.
  Growing up, I went to the Economical high school in my home town, followed by the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University in Iasi where I studied the economical side of electrical engineering.
  In 1997, when I was in year 12, I met Anca, the girl who was later gonna be my wife and the mother of my two gorgeous daughters, Nina and Olivia.
  We spent most of our university years together and during our final years, with the help of a summer student program, we came to England to pick strawberry and raspberry, hoping that we would make enough money to buy a flat back home.
  That of course didn’t happen and when the student program finished, we moved to London to find some work and to keep trying and save money for the flat that we always wanted.
  In 2004 we got married and the dream of going back home, slowly faded away. We started to get used to the life that we had here and decided to make England our new home.
  In 2009, out first daughter, Nina was born and soon after we applied to become British Nationals.
  Six years later, in 2015, Olivia,our youngest daughter came into the world and here I am now, happily married and with 2 beautiful girls.
Thank you!

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